Dog Town part 2---Michael Vick & Pitbull Rescue

Dog Town Part 3

The Vicktory Dogs

We call them the Vicktory Dogs - 22 pit bulls seized from ex-NFL star Michael Vick and placed in special care at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. They're here because they had nowhere else to go.
Many of them are suffering from serious psychological and emotional trauma, similar to what you see in children from situations of abuse and neglect. Many of them had been forced to fight to the death - like gladiators in some primitive arena.
Other national organizations had simply called for the dogs to be killed. But what kind of message does that send about how our society treats the victims of such horrible abuse? There are real options, and with your support these dogs can have good lives that make up for everything that went before.
Already they're making progress: learning how to play, how to relax, how to love. Many of them will be adopted to experienced homes. Others will live out their lives in the beautiful environment of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
Follow their progress as they start new lives here at the nation's largest refuge for abused and abandoned animals."

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